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Evangeline & Mervin Teaser
Evangeline & Mervin Teaser
Evangeline & Mervin Teaser

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Henrietta Batz.Henrietta bat

2 weeks ago

Ponmugil photography are true professionls and deliver what is promised. They went over and beyond to meet our needs. The crew members are extremely friendly and made us feel super relaxed on the day. The photos and videos are of a high quality and a reflection of excellent workmanship.  I highly recommend choosing amazing ponmugil team for your special day!!!

1 week ago

Hey! We were fully satisfied with Ponmugil!!!  I had a few shots in mind which I wanted for my wedding but in the rush didnt really have the time to convey but to my surprise the photos have come just the way I wanted them to be!! Very happy with their punctuality, cooperation, and understanding!                                   GREAT WORK PONMUGIL!!!

3 weeks ago

Thanks a ton to ponmugil & their team for covering our beautiful journey from Pre Wedding shoot till wedding…natural classy and perfect shots throughout the programms… and your team also well trained to capture the  pictures beautifully. thanks again for making beautiful memories for us, cant wait to have more photoshoots with u guys ?

3 weeks ago

Great Team! Extended support post-delivery Amazing videography & photography Timely delivery with good quality. Glad to be associated with Ponmugil.                    Amazing work… Absolutely professional conduct. They know what they’re doing. Would make a blind recommendation.

3 weeks ago

After hunting for studios for a long time and struggling to get them to understand what we wanted for the wedding, enters Ponmugil. Me being the nagging detail oriented bride, ponmugil and his team have given us some beautiful memories to look back to. please pick up your phone give this man a call.. Trust me you will thank me a hundred times

3 weeks ago

Every photo taken is with the intention to capture the feelings of that present moment and making it last forever. The most beautiful moment of my life was amazingly captured by Ponmugil photography..They say a picture is equal to thousand words, but Ponmugil Photography gave us thousand emotions captured for lifetime memory…

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